An Shopify App: Provides ease to your customers with its lightweight features

Open your physical stores to your digital places by just one click.

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Change Appearance

By playing on appearance settings area on Stofind you can customize some things without you need to know coding.

Full Customization

Custom CSS

Do you know CSS? If it is yes then you can customize Stofind's appearance like what you want with css code.


Stock Availability

Display your stock availability per store, show in stock / out of stock text or with detailed such as the quantity of stock.

Stores Information

Provide your customers able to reach to you by displaying the things belongs to your stores such as locations and phone numbers.

Trading Hours

Create working days and hours for your every single store and present on your Shopify store to your customers.


This feature is in the construction phase, it will be done soon. It will be present to you as soon as it done.